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Fall 2019 Troop Meetings

It was a chilly fall day. October was here. That means Girl Scouts! We started off on October 6th with two new scouts. The newbies' names were Amelie and Shreeya. We received binders and began to plan for the Girl Scout season. Everyone was to pursue poetry, and we did, on the 20th! We published our collection of poems at the end of our treacherous journey through October.

Then came November. Something both wonderful and terrible happened! We split apart! The Juniors took to jewelry, as the Cadettes learned about archery and how to do archery, and the Seniors learned about what happens when voting. We all learned new things even in different groups over the course of two meetings.

The cold winter came upon us. December had arrived. The Juniors and Cadettes came together to form a piece of interactive outdoor art. Overall, this fall was pretty eventful.

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